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10 May 2024
Why does the Premier League giant want player Nico Williams?
The ability to flexibly play the ball on both wings is what has helped player Nico Williams become a name sought after by many Premier League teams and big players.

Why do the Premier League giants want Nico Williams?

Nico Williams has a fairly simple style of play. At Athletic Bilbao, the 21-year-old winger has developed his personality personally as well as perfected his skills with each game. This has attracted the attention of many top teams in the Premier League such as Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Arsenal.

Nico Williams Player Overview

Nico Williams is a Spanish footballer, born on 30 July 2002. He is known as a winger, capable of playing on both flanks and can also play as a winger.


Nico Williams Player Overview

  • Nico Williams started his career at Athletic Bilbao's youth team and quickly impressed with his talent and versatility in play. He made his first-team debut for Athletic Bilbao in 2019 and has since become an important part of the team.
  • With his speed, technique and creativity in play, Williams has attracted the attention of many big clubs in English Premier League football such as Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Arsenal.
  • He has also been called up to the Spanish national team and has put in impressive performances in international matches.

At a young age, Nico Williams is expected to continue to develop and become one of the best players in the future.

His playing ability



His playing ability

  • The variety of play on both wings has made Nico Williams an attractive option in the Premier League.
  • While youngsters like Jadon Sancho or Antony struggle because they cannot get past opposing defenders in one-on-one situations, the Spaniard possesses the ability to dribble and creative style of play, creating an advantage in attacking situations.
  • Since he is only 21 years old, Nico Williams still has potential for development and many aspects need to be improved. However, his potential cannot be denied.
  • Besides, the willingness to sell the pillars if there is an opportunity to bring the biggest transfer fee is also a factor that makes it easy for Nico Williams to find a new berth without much trouble.

For clubs that need a winger capable of creating chances and putting pressure on opposing defences, Nico Williams is certainly an attractive option.

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The reason that many Premier League giants always want to sign Nico


There are many reasons why the big boys are hunting for player Nico William

Many Premier League giants have always wanted Nico Williams for several reasons:

Diversity in gameplay

Nico Williams is capable of playing on both flanks and can also play as a winger, giving the team more flexibility in the tactical scheme.

Promising young talent

With his young age, Williams has great development potential and could become an excellent player in the future.

Ability to create chances and score goals

Nico Williams is known for his speed, technique and ability to create chances for teammates. He is also capable of scoring significantly from the winger position.

Creativity and dribbling ability

Williams is creative in his play and can create dangerous counterattacks from individual situations.

Market potential

Acquiring Nico Williams would bring commercial value to the club, particularly in attracting fans and generating revenue from jersey sales and advertising.

The potential of Nico Williams in the future


The potential of Nico Williams players in the future

The potential of Nico Williams in the future is a very promising and promising topic. Here's an overview of his strengths, weaknesses, and factors that could have influenced his career:


  • Speed: Nico Williams has a quick breakout pace, helping him get past opposing defenders and create scoring chances.
  • Technique: He has the ability to dribble and handle the ball very well, helping to control the ball well in narrow areas.
  • Passing: Williams has the ability to pass the ball accurately, creating chances for teammates.
  • Finishing: He has good finishing ability, with a high scoring rate.
  • Versatility: Williams can play well in both the left and right winger positions.


  • Fitness: He has a relatively small build, which can make it difficult for him in hand-to-hand dispute situations.
  • Experience: Williams is young and lacks experience playing at a high level.
  • Factors affecting career
  • Growth: Williams needs to continue to develop and perfect his skills in order to compete at the highest level.
  • Injuries: Injuries are a factor that can affect the career of any player.
  • Club choice: Choosing a suitable club will play an important role in developing his career.

Predictions about the future of Nico Williams players

  • He will continue to play for Athletic Bilbao for the next season or two.
  • After that, Williams could move to a bigger club in Europe to challenge himself.
  • He would become a mainstay in the Spanish national team.
  • Williams can win many titles in his career, but this depends on many factors.
  • Overall, the player has a bright and potential future, and his development will continue to be observed and hoped for by fans as well as club and team managers.

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